As a composer I have written music for a number of films, animations, video games, podcasts, presentations and advertising. This has covered a large number of different styles and timeframes and I have always enjoyed the challenge this creates.

Film’s I have scored have gone on to be shown at a variety of festivals including Canes Short Film Corner, Reykjavik Film Festival, Waterford Film Festival, Aesthetica Film Festival and The London Film Festival. The film Minuet came third out of 500 in the IdeasTap Editor’s Brief while the film  Matador went on to win the annual Moviemogul ‘Best Film’ award.

If you wish to contact me about any projects you have or are planning and would like me to get involved, please Get in Touch.


Some examples of my work as a Composer



  • AgeUK Somerset (Mioe Studios)
  • Mini Hockey Champ (26k)
  • A Place Filled with Memories (Tyronne Stewart)
  • Blue Hayes Website Promo (Blue Hayes Hotel)
  • Minuet (Strange Day Films)
  • Whats in My Camera Bag (Strange Day Films)
  • Georgina Adams (Jemsea Films)
  • Contingencies Podcast (Max Stites)
  • God For A Day (Jemsea Films)
  • A Day in the Life (Jemsea Films)
  • Perfect Mate (Mandy Whiley)
  • Apocalypse Radio (Lucy Jones)
  • Stalker IV (Jemsea Films)
  • Happy Birthday Jimmy White (LFS Student Film)
  • Matador (Nic Wassell)
  • Unite (Nic Wassell)
  • Matador (Nic Wassell)
  • Two Funerals (LFS Student Film)
  • The Ducking Book Sessions Podcast (zombiestickdude)
  • The Visitor (LFS Student Film)
  • Slim Fast (Claire Frewin)
  • Souvenir (LFS Student Film)
  • Lego Bionicol Web Game (Mind Orchard)
  • Devils Guitar (Brett Jones)
  • Fastest Gun in Texas (Nic Wassell)
  • El’ Guitarista (Nic Wassell) * Also involved a live performance while the film was being screened.